We are experts in drafting, negotiating and executing Purchase and Sale Agreements or Lease Agreements. Moreover, if the Mexican company will be carrying out manufacturing operations the land must have a land use permit to operate as a Maquiladora, if not located within an authorized industrial park.

A Purchase and Sale Agreement or a Lease Agreement for the premises to be used by the Maquiladora needs to be drafted, negotiated and executed. If you are going to purchase land in Mexico, we recommend conducting a due diligence study to ensure that the property is in good standing. Afterwards, the corresponding agreements (Land Purchase and Sale, Construction and so on) will have to be prepared, negotiated and executed; we may assist on these matters.

We also provide to our clients legal advice on:

  • Preparing, negotiating and executing Options and Rights of First Refusal.
  • Preparing, negotiating and executing Construction Agreements.
  • Developing corresponding investigations and registrations of properties before the Public Registry of Property, including preparing reports on property title.
  • Obtaining water supply and waste water discharge authorizations.
  • Negotiating and executing of Public Utilities Agreements for Electricity, Water-Sewage, Telephone and Gas, if applicable.
  • Removing land from communal property (ejido) control.

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