At Ernesto Velarde Danache, Inc., we provide to our clients information on the minimum requirements needed in order to process your trademark registration in Mexico.

We are experts offering the following services in this area:

  • Trademark Comprehensive Study. It is a report with analysis about registration probabilities.  Before filing your trademark in Mexico, it is important that you evaluate possible obstacles that may arise during the registration process. This report is optional but highly recommended.

    During the registration process, objections may arise for several causes: similarity with a previously registered trademark, similarity with a notorious or famous one, trademark too generic, etc. We provide the necessary support to overcome these eventualities.
  • Preparing and filing trademark registration requests before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI)

Also, at Ernesto Velarde-Danache, Inc., we provide to our clients legal advice regarding the trade secret protection by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers.

Some of the services we offer in this area:

  • Preparing and executing Confidentiality Agreements or reviewing existing ones;
  • Preparing and executing strategies to protect intellectual property;
  • Assisting on technology transfers;
  •  Litigating in intellectual property matters before corresponding courts;
  • Preparing and filling patent and copyright registration before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and the National Institute of Copyright (INDAUTOR).

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