Building and maintaining relationships with government decision-makers is a primary consideration and we advance the issues of our clients year-round. We have provided access to governmental decision-makers for many years. We provide representation and counsel on matters including:

Administrative Hearings

Ernesto Velarde Danache is an expert in attending any kind of hearing before any government agency.

At this Mexican & International Law firm, we are experts in providing services that include all aspects of administrative and legislative lobbying, issue and crisis management, press and public relations. Time after time our clients have found that Ernesto Velarde Danache can help them to achieve their objectives as well as some modifications of Mexican legislation or regulations and financial assistance for the development of investment projects.

Business licenses and permits

Ernesto Velarde Danache is an expert in processing and obtaining special business and licenses permits before any government agency.

We provide to our clients the necessary information to obtain those permits that require specialized care; in some special cases it is necessary to appear before federal courts to obtain successful results for our clients.

We also provide to our clients legal advice on:

  • Obtaining Local Business Licenses.
  • Obtaining State Business Licenses.
  • Federal Licenses.
  • Obtaining Special Permits before Federal agencies.

Meeting with elected officials and their staff members

Ernesto Velarde Danache is an expert in organizing and preparing meetings with elected official and their staff members.

We have the networking to prepare and execute agendas with government agents from Local, State and Federal levels.

Assist clients in crafting strategy and action

Ernesto Velarde Danache is an expert in preparing, assisting and executing strategy and actions for special investment cases.

Ernesto Velarde assists clients in crafting strategies and action plans to shape public policy, Mexican regulations, including assisting with grassroots organizations and providing political training for clients’ employees.


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