Ernesto Velarde Danache has been privileged to represent a wide array of corporate, individual and governmental interests in complicated commercial and labor litigations, corporate, real estate, immigration, environment, tax, intellectual property and counseling matters for major national and international clients.

We have clients from different countries such as Japan, France, Korea, Italy, China, Australia, England, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Taiwan, India, United States and Canada.

Since 1988, this Mexican & International Law Firm has provided legal and consulting services for the achievement of many national projects that had successful outcomes.

Some of our most recognizable clients include:

Alps (Japan)



Alpine (Japan)

American Pad & Paper, LLC (USA)

Bigston Corporation (USA)

C&D Technologies (USA)

Carling Technologies (USA)

Castlight de Mexico, Cebal (France)
Castlight de Mexico, Cebal (France)

Celestica (Canada)

Core Molding Technologies, Inc (USA)

CRH (Germany)

Electrical Components International ( USA)

Electricite de France (France)

Enagic (Japan)

Flanders PrecisionAire (USA)

Foxconn (Taiwan)

General Transmissions (France)

Globe Motors (USA)

Highland Supply Corporation (USA)


Interlake Material Handling (UK-USA)

Intertek Group plc. (UK)
Intertek Group plc. (UK)


Jabil Global Services (USA)

Kohler (USA)

LG (South Korea)

LTD Parts Inc. (USA)
LTD Parts Inc. (USA)


Netafim (Israel)

Packaging Solutions (USA)

Panasonic Automotive Systems de Mexico (Japan)

Panasonic Electric Devices de Tamaulipas (Japan)

Promass (Italy)

Regal Beloit (USA)

ROL Manufacturing of America (USA)

S&T Daewoo (Korea)

Saint – Gobain (France)

ScanSource (USA)

Shaw Group (USA)

Simclar, Inc. (Scottland)

SVAM International, Inc (India)



Unomedical (Denmark)



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