After several years working for an internationally recognized law firm in Mexico City and having completed several post-graduate courses in Europe Ernesto Velarde- Danache founded this Law Firm in 1988.

Mr. Velarde-Danache saw a very latent need for efficient, timely and ethical Mexican legal services in the region as a consequence of the very fast growth of the maquiladora industry.

World-renowned, transnational companies investing in north-eastern Mexico and beyond require competent, world-class legal services to establish operations in Mexico, most of them in the manufacturing sector.

The very first office was opened in Brownsville, Texas to facilitate communications with the then most common clientele: The American market. Subsequently, other markets were successfully explored and through the years we have assisted many companies from Western Europe and the Far East, and lately from the Middle East and central Europe, to get established and operational in Mexico.

Our purpose has always been to be a full service Law Firm. No need to go beyond was and is the goal. Real estate due diligence and acquisitions, incorporations, permitting, labor and employment, governmental relations, tax, environmental, in other words, every basic or ancillary need of a foreign company venturing into Mexico is promptly and diligently addressed.

We have now two Mexican locations, Matamoros and Reynosa, some of the most attractive cities on the US-Mexico border where hundreds of foreign owned companies have established operations.

To complement our services we have an in-house Notary Public in Mexico and eight licensed lawyers to support our efforts.

We are able to work in English, Spanish, French and Italian, be it written or spoken.

We love what we do. We know how to do it. We do it on time. We meet expectations, no matter how high. That makes us very proud. Our commitment will make you another success story.


ERNESTO VELARDE-DANACHE, INC.            1650 Paredes Line Rd. Ste. No. 101            BROWNSVILLE, TX 78521
TELEPHONE: + 956 548 9098            FAX: + 956 548 1656            E-MAIL: evd@velardedanache.com 

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